Following are the Camp Pinnacle rules for campers. The decision of the Camp Director is final. Let us know if you have questions.

  • No one is permitted to leave the camp grounds or make phone calls without first receiving permission from the Director. (Emergencies Only) 
  • The following are off limits to campers: Boys’ areas to girls, and Girls’ areas to boys; the kitchen; and the pool, except during scheduled times. 
  • 6″ Rule. Boys and girls areas are off limits to each other. No physical contact between boys and girls. 
  • Alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drugs are strictly prohibited. 
  • All people and property must be treated with respect. Do not touch what is not yours, without permission. No physical violence tolerated. 
  • Campers MUST be in visual and verbal contact with their counselors at all times. All scheduled activities and services are to be attended by everyone. 
  • Campers may not leave their cabins/rooms after lights out without a counselor’s presence. 
  • Sneakers/closed-toe shoes MUST be worn at all times, except when at pool or showers. Bring water shoes/old sneakers for tubing. 
  • Clothing must be appropriate – any immodest or offensive clothing will not be permitted. Girls, no bare midriffs, halter or spaghetti strap tops, or short-shorts, T-shirts must be worn over bathing suits. Likewise, boys must wear T-shirts on playing fields. If campers come unprepared, appropriate, used clothing will be loaned to them. 
  • Campers are not to bring OR use cellphones, electronic games, audio or video devices, or weapons. 
  • Conduct and conversation should reflect Biblical principles.

Broken Rules = Parents Called = Camper Sent Home

Camp Directors’ decisions are final. (no refunds will be made)