What is the deadline to receive the Early Bird Discount: April 15th-After this date your registration price changes to Plan “B”

How do I order a camp t-shirt? T Shirts MUST be pre-ordered.

Can I request a roommate? Roommates can be requested on your registration form. We make every effort to accommodate requests, but cannot guarantee those requests.

What if my child has a medical condition? We should be notified of any medical conditions in writing at the time we receive your original registration form. This allows us time to make your child’s week at camp the best it can be.

Is it possible to request a specific counselor for my child? Unfortunately we cannot accept counselor requests, as we prayerfully place our counselors where God tells us.

What is the policy for a 7 year old to come to camp? 7 year olds can attend camp with camp director’s approval after director has received approval from church’s children’s pastor.

What is the policy for 17 year olds to attend? 17 year olds may attend camp after camp director’s approval and also is based on their previous years camp attendance.

Can I call my child during camp? During the week of cap, parents may send their camper mail. Our camp office distributes this mail daily, and the campers enjoy receiving this mail. However, campers are not permitted to call their parents during the week of camp, we this is a week for your child to meet with God and sometimes phones calls can be a hindrance to this.

Are telephones permitted? At this time, campers are NOT permitted to have their cellphones during camp. Campers are asked to leave their phones with their parents at registration when they come to camp. It allows the campers to avoid any hindrances that may prevent them from hearing from God and meeting with Him during this week. If during the week of camp, a camper is found to have their cellphone, we hold onto their phone during camp and it will be returned to their parents when they are signed out from camp.

What if I need to reach someone during the week of camp? Parents can reach the camp office either by mail or telephone by calling the Conference Center at (717) 243-7381. We ask that these calls only be for emergencies.

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